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Steadfast. Determined. Loyal to Gwinnett.

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My name is GEORGE PUICAR I am a Romanian born immigrant who came to the US in 2004 and became a naturalized US citizen in 2013. I work hard and I will work hard for you. I am married to my wife Emily who is also an immigrant – from Mexico – and together God has blessed us with three school-aged children.  Our family has lived and worked in Gwinnett County District 5 for 15 years.

I am a working-class blue-collar trade certified HVAC technician and I have bachelor’s degree in Theology.  Earning my degree required me to complete course work in Greek and Hebrew and study systematic theology, biblical theology, ethics, and more. You could say our family is the embodiment of the American dream and you would be right!

I am asking for YOU to manually write and/or type my name on the ballot, November 3rd.  To elect me thousands of people must remember to manually TYPE or WRITE- IN my name on to the ballot. After reviewing the policies and positions of the opposing candidate we realized as a family that my opponent does not represent what we and many of our community members want for our children in GCPS. After many discussions, we came together as a family, and decided to support the community by becoming a write-in candidate. See below how our values greatly differ. Contact me anytime.

Mi nombre es GEORGE PUICAR, soy inmigrante, nací en Rumania, vine a los Estados Unidos en el año 2004 y soy ciudadano estadounidense naturalizado en el 2013. Estoy casado con mi esposa Emily, quien también es inmigrante de México y juntos Dios nos ha bendecido con tres niños que actualmente son de edad escolar. Nuestra familia ha vivido y trabajado en el Distrito 5 del Condado de Gwinnett durante 15 años. Trabajo y trabajaré duro por y para usted.

Soy un obrero de clase trabajadora, técnico certificado en Aire Aconditionado y Calefacción, y tengo una licenciatura en Teología, para obtener este último título se me requerió cursar estudios y completar horas de trabajo en Griego, Hebreo, así como Teología Sistemática, Teología Bíblica, Ética y muchas otras areas.

Se pudiera decir que nuestra familia es la representación y el cumplimiento del sueño americano ¡y estarían en lo cierto! Hoy le pido a USTED que escriba y/o añada mi nombre en la boleta del 3 de noviembre. Miles de personas deben acordarse de ESCRIBIR o AÑADIR manualmente mi nombre en la boleta, para lograr ser elegido.

Después de revisar las políticas y posiciones del candidato oponente, nos dimos cuenta de que él no representa lo que nosotros y muchos de los miembros de nuestra comunidad queremos para nuestros niños en las escuelas públicas del condado de Gwinnett (GCPS). Después de muchas conversaciones, nuestra familia unida, nos decidimos a apoyar a la comunidad, convirtiéndome así en un candidato por esrito. Por favor, desplácese a traves de su boleta hasta encontrar la sección para Junta de Educacion (Board of Education) y añada mi nombre manualmente; así podré ser elegido sobre mi oponente.

Please scroll through the ballot to the Board of Education, “write” and/or “type” my name in to help get elected over the opponent.

¡RECUERDE! Para votar por mí, debe escribir manualmente mi nombre en la boleta.

Take a Photo 📸 or Screen Shot 🤳of my name with YOUR PHONE 

✍Then you will have it with you to type it at the Polls! 👏

As your district representative George will advocate for and defend the need for parental involvement in all areas of education.



District 5 is one of the most diverse school districts in the state

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Equality & COVID-19

Equality & COVID-19

The pandemic has effected everyone differently

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School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers

Our children are our most precious gifts and should be protected

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Help George Help Gwinnett

Write-in George Puicar is a 100% Volunteer Run Campaign.  We believe that George Puicar is the best choice for District 5 and all Gwinnett County Schools.

And we need your help!  If you can volunteer with time, please click the Become A Volunteer button below.  If you’re busy but would like to make a donation please click the Make A Donation button below. 100% of all donations go directly to the Write-in George Puicar campaign.  No volunteer or member of the campaign receives financial compensation of any amount.

Our mission and vision

George Puicar will steadfastly support the award-winning instructional practices that ensure the safety and success of every Gwinnett student.

School Safety

George Puicar fully supports our School Resource Officers and believes that they are necessary in maintaining a safe learning environment in Gwinnett County Schools.

Parental Involvement

George Puicar believes that parents should have the primary voice in their children’s education.

Educational Equality

George Puicar will ensure fair distribution of funding, resources, technology and qualified teachers and staff.

Your Vote CAN make the difference in District 5!

District 5 is one of the most diverse school districts in Gwinnett County.  As a write-in candidate George Puicar knows that every vote matters including yours. If you’re not sure which district you live in CLICK HERE to get a list of schools per district!

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Online AND In Person: Oct. 5
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Meet and Greet with George Puicar

Meet and Greet with George Puicar

Snellville, GA
24 Sep 2020 06:15 PM - 09:00 PM
2020 Election

2020 Election

Gwinnett County, GA, USA
03 Nov 2020 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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