As a family when the Puicars began to understand the platform and beliefs of the opposition, they discussed and prayed about their children and their community.  When they made the commitment to submit George’s candidacy it was done as a family.  George Puicar speaks Spanish, English, and Romanian.  His wife is from Mexico and George am from Romania.  Their friends and neighbors are from many other countries and cultures. The Puicar’s wish is to represent parents and students through this service to their community including other cultures and languages where he may not be fluent.  George will be here for you and available for support. 

As your district representative, George Puicer pledges to represent all District 5 voices.

George is running as a ‘write-in’ candidate on the November ballot to be a voice for you: parents who live and send their children to school in Gwinnett County District 5. As your District 5 School Board Member, George understands the diverse cultural and educational needs District 5 presents.  George will listen to all concerns, act accordingly, and keep all students’ best interests in mind.  George will take the responsibility of fighting to provide the best learning tools and resources for District 5 students and Gwinnett County as a whole with great care, respect, and honor.

ESOL (English as a Second Language) is near to George’s heart.  George understands the necessity to speak to care-givers, guardians, and families. Creating more opportunities for translated communications will help increase parental involvement in our diverse community.

Programs like the Founding Student Ambassadors should be analyzed, mimicked, and recognized for creating a path to increase literacy and building youth and young adult mentor relationships to, “increase early child literacy… with a multi-lingual twist.”