Equality & COVID-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us, we need to ensure that each individual student  has access to both technology devices as well as the internet. If the state/local/federal governments require students to learn remotely in states of emergency, as happened in March 2020 or offer families the choice for digital instruction as in the Fall 2020 semester, no child should be left without a device or the use of the internet. I believe that each child deserves the greatest chance at success this district can offer, and there is work to be done there. While I am a proponent for face to face instruction, during these unprecedented times we as a community saw where there were gaps in the ability to intact a full scale deployment of not only access to technology but effective remote learning where needed. These contingencies should be accounted for on a go forward basis. 

All students must have adequate accommodations of IEPs regardless of the current or future virus situation. We must have a plan to continue our counseling for our teacher’s and students mental health, and provide food and meal supply to help families and students whether they’re remote or face to face. 

These topics are of course brought to light by our current situation. GCPS did an exceptional job implementing summer meals, delivering food via bus, and amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Plans were put to work swiftly to meet our community’s needs.  However, there are other areas of focus to be addressed outside of pandemic protocols.