Safety in our Schools


First I’d like to stress the importance of understanding that schools are a community of support for children. Through the pandemic we’ve learned of new protocols and safety measures that must take place. Health precautions such as proper hand washing procedures, supplying teachers, students and staff with safety materials they need to be safe is paramount. I would also like to make note of my support for the retention of the School Resource Officers (SRO’s) in our school’s. Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It takes teamwork. I’d like to see more mentor groups for student’s, have parents involved and enable families with more understanding and input to what the role of the SRO is daily, as well as how the SRO’s engage with the students, staff, and teachers to protect them.  We simply cannot remove SRO’s out of schools. If the worst case scenarios occur, our children, teachers, and staff would have to wait for local law enforcement to arrive and assist. 

Our SRO’s are held to the highest standards, have college degrees, and extensive training to be advocates for students. I staunchly believe in the SRO’s in our district, but I also believe that guardians/parents, counselors, administration and teachers play large parts in the safety of our students, both real and perceived. Training and continuing education of all GCPS teachers, administration, staff, and SRO’s are vital to continuing safe environments for our students. I believe that civil discourse is necessary to effect change. We cannot simply drown out differences of opinion in the name of progress and expect real, lasting change to follow. 


Watching my own kids grow up in the times in which we live social media, gaming, and screen time is playing an important part in the children’s life and at times it isn’t in a positive manner. I’d like to see programs supporting digital responsibility not only for the students, but also for the teachers, guardians, and parents to gain education, accountability, and build up responsibility for their online reputation and profiles to create successful, safe, and healthy online habits.